Hand Knit Throw Workshop 4/13 10 am

Hand Knit Throw Workshop 4/13 10 am


Let’s make a hand knit throw!

Lap Throw roughly 30x50 is 4 rolls (skeins)

Over sized throw is 40x60 is 6 rolls (skeins)

Blanket 40x60 is six rolls (skeins)

I would buy extra rolls and return what you don’t use.

Guest will buy their own Chunky Yarn so they can select their own colors and fabrics.

Any craft store will have this and prices range $5 and up based on your selection.

If confused just email or call me 978-826-4741. If you tell the craft store employee its for a hand knit chunky throw you find it easily. Most of these yarns already have a picture of a chunky blanket on it. FYI- I found wool to be itchy and it piled and chenille fabric was my preferred fabric.

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 you will need to but 4-5 rolls of your own chunk yarn at any craft store.

email to createandescape@outlook.com,   

Thank you,