Wood Clock Workshop

Wood Clock Workshop

from 48.00

Let’s get ready to Create & Escape with Wood Clocks!

Select from these 2 options only please.

1) Roman Numerals or Regular Numbers

2) Sayings Options

A) Time with Family is worth every minute

B) Personalized - Example Minton Family Est.2015

Go to your event link (which is in the calendar if you don’t have it)

1) Select your wood size - only one option for this event 18” round

2) There will be a text box to add your wording. This is where you communicate to me all the details to make your stencil. Include any needed Names, Dates ect

For Example Minton Est 2015

3) Click “Add to Cart”

4) Finally, to CHECK OUT scroll to top right of the page and click on Shopping Cart icon. You will get an email confirmation once you register.

Always feel free to email me at createandescape@outlook.com with any questions. Now let’s get ready to bring your Pinterest dreams to life at our event!

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IMPORTANT: YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED UNTIL YOU CHECK OUT and add your credit card information. (After clicking "Add to Cart", scroll to top of page and click on the SHOPPING CART icon to finish your registration). Thank you!

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