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Meet Lisa Enderle, Wendy Minton, Patty Wall and Debbie Thibodeau of Create & Escape DIY Party Specialist in North Shore


November 13, 2017

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lisa Enderle, Wendy Minton, Patty Wall and Debbie Thibodeau.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
We are four sisters that love taking on DIY projects! We find whenever we head out for a ladies night it is a fun-filled night filled with laughter and great memories. We started our business after attending a DIY party for another company and walked away from the experiences that night saying ‘We could do this better!” so that is exactly what we did. Some DIY party companies were lacking attention to detail, high quality products and most importantly they were lacking outstanding customer service. We saw this missing in the DIY Party market place and decided to turn our passion for DIY projects and our passion for providing outstanding customer experience into Create & Escape!

We are North Shore girls that love the beach so we started with Sea Glass Art Parties. We tried to think of every last detail to create an evaluated customer experience for all our guests. These details are seen in our welcome kit, our beautiful displayed tables and our Beach Buffet that has unlimited amounts of sea treasures for you to use in your projects. We want each guests to walk away saying “Wow, that was such a great time, let’s do this again!”. We also offer satisfaction guaranteed to all our guests so if they are not happy with their project they can remake it for free. We find less than 1% of our guests need to remake a project but there is a level of security knowing that they can should they not be happy.

We are truly a family based company and even our parents will help us search for local sea treasures from sea shells from Niles Beach and Sea Glass collected from Pavilion Beach in Gloucester. We try our best to collect our sea treasures locally but we also source beautiful & colorful sea glass from all around the world including Australia, Florida, California and Maine. Many of our guests will bring their own treasures such as beach sand, shells and sea glass they collected on vacation and incorporate it into a design or sea treasures they children collected and turn this into a beautiful keepsake.

We have expanded our business to DIY wood signs and include offerings of farmhouse style signs, pallet signs and wood rounds as well as a wide variety of customization options. We have also included bath and body products which include DIY bath bombs, sugar and salt scrubs. Guests have enjoyed our events so much we have expanded to offer private parties, social gatherings, fundraisers, school events, birthday parties and corporate events.

All our events are hosted at local venues such as Beauport Hotel & Castle Manor Inn in Gloucester and other restaurants and hotels in or around the Boston area. We have expanded recently and have started booking venues in NH as well.

We look forward to keep focused on constantly evolving to find new DIY projects and to continue staying in our lane focused on our main 3 principals of having outstanding products, creating an engaging evaluated customer experience and above all to have fun!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
There have been a few struggles along the way but we try to look at them as learning experiences! We grew from 0 to 100 mph basically overnight so it was hard to keep up with all our requests. We had a few hiccups in sourcing the best products but once we found our current suppliers it has been smooth sailing.

The biggest challenge has been getting our website revamped to include a booking option for our events vs. having another website host our site and another host our bookings. This is still a work in progress and we look forward to launching it soon.

We also do so much advertising on Facebook we are looking for ways outside of Facebook to promote to other audiences.

Please tell us about Create & Escape DIY Party Specialist.
We offer DIY parties at local venues or homes. We provide all the products, materials and instruction so guests walk away with a product they made! If you can DIY then we can offer it at our parties. We are not afraid to tackle any project or challenge. We are creative and can work with a variety of budgets. We provide a relax and fun environment so guest can have a night or afternoon out to have fun!

We call our events Sip, Mingle & Create parties and we now offer Create & Shop events where we offer a shopping experience from local crafters/vendors for our guests.

Recently we invested in high quality equipment and now offer vinyl designs, custom made shirts, signs, home decor and accessories for all our customers for their special events such as weddings, birthdays & parties.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
If we had to start over I would have gotten our website up and running before we launched. I believe all the lessons learning along the way build your character as a business owner to who we are today so there isn’t much else I would change. I am very proud of what we have accomplished in only a short period of time. We are four individuals that each brings a unique skill set to our company and together it is magic!


  • Our Sea Glass Parties start at $35 and go up based on your frame size
  • Our Wood Sign Parties start at $30 and go up from there based on wood size
  • Custom T-Shirts & Mugs starting at $5 and up

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